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October 22, 2019
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Does your Job Pinch?

Have you outgrown your current position? Are you ready to try something new?

I was recently working with a client whose job no longer fit. His work history was eclectic, and he doubted whether anyone who looked at his unusual past would seriously consider him for the role he envisions for himself.

I get it. When you are neck-deep in a job it is hard to understand, appreciate and know what you are learning and contributing. The frame that you have been applying to your current or past positions may not be valid.

On your own it can be hard to see the common threads that led you to where you are. This is when a qualified professional can help you make sense of the past so you can appreciate and share your career story in a coherent manner. Rather than abdicate responsibility for your career track, with an “I just fell into it” attitude, you can demonstrate why the path you have taken makes you uniquely qualified for a particular opportunity.

Try this idea on for size: view each position through the lens of, “what I loved about this job was . . .” and “what I learned from this position was. . .” When my client tried this, he was amazed to discover how these seemingly random jobs helped him lay the groundwork for his next career step.

Taking this approach supplies texture and context to your career; it offers insight into who you are and how you operate. It makes you real and recognizable to employers who are looking for you but haven’t yet realized it.

Ask yourself what you have done well in every position. Identify the special sauce you brought to each job.  Think about the threads that tie your career together. OK, now write your story and share it on LinkedIn.