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The Great Work Exodus

Are you one of the more than 4,000,000 workers who voluntarily left their job in April?  Are you seriously contemplating leaving your job in the next 90 days?

The pandemic initially displaced millions of employees; now the economy is shifting.  Many workers find themselves in the driver’s seat as employers attempt to go back to business as usual.

A record number of employees are saying “no” to the status quo. Companies are having to compete for talent.

If you are dissatisfied with your work situation this may be an ideal time to reconsider your work options, return to school or otherwise re-tool.

Rather than just up and leaving, getting clear about your reasons for leaving will help you make a smart choice now and in the future.

Are you leaving because the company is poorly managed, has a bad reputation, or lacks promotional opportunities? If so, simply exploring other companies in the same industry may be your shortest route to the perfect opportunity.  Check out their online reputation, read employee reviews on, check out their website and scan customer reviews.

Did you just fall into the industry and now realize that it doesn’t fit your values or lifestyle? For example, are you working in gas or oil but feel a strong pull toward environmental issues? Then taking a deep dive into industries that reflect your principles is a good next step. From there you can explore specific companies whose hiring practices, job opportunities and beliefs map to yours.

Has COVID caused you to reevaluate your priorities and made you realize that your job doesn’t suit you?  Perhaps your personal or family situation has changed in the last 15 months and going back into the office daily is no longer an option. If that is the case, check LinkedIn for opportunities to work remotely.

Whatever your reason for making a change, a little soul searching is in order. After you get to the bottom of why you are leaving, taking the time to research your options and plan your next step will help guarantee that it is the right one.

If you feel clueless about your career direction here are a couple of resources to consider as you embark on your journey. Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation ( has been researching, testing, and mapping aptitudes for 99 years. Aptitudes are natural talents or special abilities that enable you to do certain things easily and quickly. Every occupation requires certain aptitudes. If you lack the required aptitudes for your current job the work may be difficult, unsatisfying, and a dead end.   Aptitude testing can help to sort out in-born strengths and point you in a positive career direction. Your aptitudes can be successfully combined in thousands of ways.  Typically, the aptitude assessment includes a feedback meeting to explore some of those options.

“The Pathfinder,” a book by Nicholas Lore, offers a self-paced approach to choosing or changing your career. Through the completion of 30 activities and self-assessments called inquiries, you explore your natural gifts, motivations, and passions to uncover your ideal career.  This low tech, low-cost approach works well for the super motivated or those working with a coach to guide them through the process. Happy hunting!

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